INVENTORS: Roger W Giese, Gang Shao

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Porous surfaces, as required for efficient (zero loss) separation/extraction of various chemical/biological samples, are currently not available as most of these surfaces have adsorption/clogging problem.  Moreover, the porous surfaces utilized in some of commonly known separation techniques such as mass spectrometry and size exclusion chromatography are non-uniform & heterogeneous.  As a result, they are not suitable for size based separation of small sized substances such as peptides and oligosaccharides.  This novel composition enables formation of surfaces with uniform, controllable and reproducible pores, for effective and efficient separation of such biological/ chemical substances.


Value Proposition

The composition:

•Overcomes a mixed-mechanism and pore-heterogeneity limitation of many current separation techniques

•Effectively handles, fractionates, extracts, concentrates or recovers selected components of many aqueous, semi-aqueous or non-aqueous samples

•Comprises a multi-layered gel based structure enabling very little or no loss of particles, which makes it preferable over other prior art compositions

•Would be commercially useful for applications such as chromatography, dialysis (especially for desalting) or electrophoresis, proteomics, drug discovery, vehicles for drug delivery, and vehicles for handling and cleaning cells


Intellectual Property status

Published U.S. Utility Application 13/395,325

Published European Application 10816081.3

License status 

Available for license

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