INVENTORS: Song Chen, Peng Li, Bradley Lehman, Gianfranco de Palma

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With the increase in demand for electrical power, the undesirable fault current in the power system has correspondingly increased. In prior art, many fault current limiters (FCL)/technologies have been used to address this issue. However, these approaches are associated with possible limitations. For example, high operational losses with extra energy requirements in the case of superconductor FCLs (SCFCL) and solid-state FCLs (SSFCL), bulkiness of systems, and frequent servicing or parts replacement requirement in the case of and Is-limiter. This novel approach comprises the development and use of a non-superconducting fault current limiting (NSCFCL) system to control the fault current in a power system.


Value Proposition

The system:

•Is non-intrusive

•Is highly compact and light-weight

•Is simple and reliable

•Has a faster processing and response time as compared to conventional techniques

•Avoids large current overshoots as observed with prior-art techniques

•Avoids any service or part’s replacement as observed with prior-art techniques

•Allows for almost a negligible operational power dissipation/loss as compared to prior art techniques

•Allow for an insertion of impedance into a power system (during the fault condition only) to limit the fault current under a desired level

•Allows for a coupling of AC and DC currents to control the level of the fault current across the system

•Is effectively used with other secondary protection devices to clear the system faults


Intellectual Property status

Utility Application 13/479,660

License status 

Available for license

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