Neuro-Dot Sensors for Electric Field Encephalography


INVENTORS: Srinivas Sridhar, Yury Petrov, Ozgur Yavuzcetin

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Conventionally, none of the available technologies/systems for brain monitoring involve the use of multiple electrodes to measure both electric potentials and fields. Moreover, such technologies/systems are associated with various limitations such as the inability for miniaturization, high setup time, low signal-to-noise ratio, limited temporal resolution, and lack of direct measurement mechanisms. In addition, traditional devices require long connecting wires that makes their usage cumbersome. This invention relates to the development and use of a novel, neuro-dot sensor capable of measuring electric-field as well as electric potential on the human scalp, overcoming prior-art limitations and unmet needs.

Value Proposition

The sensor:

•Is wireless and self-contained

•Allows for a real-time, non-invasive monitoring of brain activity

•Is associated with a higher performance and sensitivity as compared to conventional sensors

•Is associated with an improved signal to noise ratio to detect electric fields with high noise reduction

•Is capable of integrating with smart-phones or computers for constant monitoring/signal analysis

•Comprises the use of multiple, micro-electrodes to concurrently measure EEG, EFEG, and higher potential derivatives

•Would be commercially useful for the following applications:

o Functional brain imaging at high temporal and spatial resolution, pattern recognition, cognition

o Insights into neural correlates of vision and speech

o Aging, sleep, epilepsy, and mental health research and applications

o Military applications such as traumatic brain injury

o Human-machine and brain-computer interfaces


Intellectual Property status

Provisional Application 61/837,692

License status

Available for license

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