INVENTORS: Ido Bachelet, Ram Sasisekharan, Mark Bulmer, Rebeca B. Rosengaus



Termites and other insect pest control involves a significant effort, both in terms of time

as well as money. Most of the currently used approaches comprise the use of

non-specific toxic chemicals/biological agents against these pests. However, none of

these strategies have proved to be successful. Major reason is the natural ability of

these pests to undergo variety of adaptations such as change in biochemical and

immunological responses to inactivate these agents and to resist the disease. This

approach involves the development and use of Glucono delta-lactones or related

derivates as novel pest control compositions.


Value Proposition

The novel compositions:

• Are non-toxic and biodegradable

• Are highly specific as compared to conventional pest control compositions

• Significantly deactivates some of the natural protective mechanisms followed by these

pests, thereby exposing them to various biological/chemicals agents

• Have potentially broader commercial applications for overall pest control management


Intellectual Property Status

Pending Utility Application 12/778,077


License Status

Available for license



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Mark Saulich
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Ido Bachelet
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