INVENTORS: Jason O. Fiering, Dale Larson, Greg Kowalski, Mehmet Sen


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Macro scale calorimetry has been commonly used in the prior art, and many commercial

instruments are available. However, the miniaturized calorimetry is an upcoming field,

especially for pharmaceutical applications. Some of the existing technologies in this

domain involve the combination of known/fixed volume (in microlitres) of reagents, and

resulting temperature changes are measured using solid state sensors. However, a high

cost associated with some of these reagents makes microfluidic calorimetric analysis

highly desirable. At the same time, reduction in volume of reagents beyond certain

levels make related reagent delivery and calorimetric sensing extremely challenging

and problematic. This novel system comprises a microfluidic calorimeter for

measurement of thermodynamic changes, as associated with biochemical reactions

involving low volume of reagents.


Value Proposition

The system:

• Uses an arbitrary volume of reagents as compared to fixed volumes used in prior art


• Enables the use of reduced reagent volume with faster measurements as compared to

conventional approaches

• Allows for the elimination of precise control and knowledge of injected fluid volumes, as

mandatorily required for prior art techniques

• Enables extraction of the entire thermodynamic data at a single instant rather than


• Allows for the measurement of temperature at multiple locations across a reaction zone,

discerning the overall heat of reaction

• Comprises use of an optical temperature sensor which detects a transmitted light to

measure the corresponding temperature with high sensitivity

• Is effectively used for calorimetric analysis related to drug development, and for providing

information regarding potential efficacy of proposed drugs

• Is further useful in biochemistry and molecular biology research based applications


Intellectual Property Status

PCT Application PCT/US2012/021198

Pending Utility Application 13/350,022

License Status

Available for license

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-Analytical Chemistry
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