DIAMOnD – DiseAse MOdule Detection Algorithm


INVENTORS: Jorg Menche; Albert-Laszlo Barabasi; Amitabh Sharma



In prior-art, many techniques for systemic identification of genes related to complex diseases are available. Moreover, this domain has spurred a rapid progress over the last few years. However, understanding molecular and physiological mechanisms for exact action of these genes is still limited. This invention discloses a novel algorithm for detecting disease module (s) related to a given disease, identifying genes and gene products of putative relevance, and potentially addressing existing limitations and/or unmet needs.


Value Proposition

The algorithm:

•Is parameter free

•Starts with known disease proteins to finally identify disease neighborhood (s) within the network

•Uses a topology of cellular protein interaction networks to rank all the proteins according to their relevance to the        disease

•Identifies a local neighborhood within the protein interaction network that is responsible for a diseased phenotype

•Has been efficiently/successfully tested for identifying and validating asthma disease modules

•Would be useful for various commercial applications such as:

oIdentification of novel drug targets

oIdentification of important gene functions

oIdentification of novel disease pathways

oIdentification of molecular mechanisms

oValidation of repurposed drugs

oCreation of individualized disease modules for personal medicine

oNon-medical application such as prioritization of nodes in a network


Intellectual Property status

Provisional Application 61/881,042


License status

Available for license


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Mark Saulich
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Northeastern University
Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
Amitabh Sharma
Jorg Menche
Susan Ghiassian
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