INVENTORS: Maciej Pietrusinski; Constantinos Mavroidis



In prior-art, the use of manual leg advancement or body weight support systems for gait training/therapy of patient populations with motor control related disabilities is relatively common. However, such training/therapy techniques often require 2 or 3 physical therapists, carrying a high labor cost burden. Moreover, though the use of robotic solutions in this domain is evident, the existing solutions are very costly and almost unaffordable. This invention relates to a novel robotic device for automation of a physical therapy for gait patients, enabling proper movement of their legs during ambulation, overcoming most prior-art limitations and/or unmet needs.


Value Proposition

The device:

•Is easier to use than existing robotic systems

•Is preferably helpful for an automated leg advancement

•Is relatively inexpensive, capable of fitting onto body weight support systems

•Effectively retains the ability of physical therapists to work hands-on with patients

•Is intended for over-ground use (as opposed to over-treadmill) having a self selected walking speed, allowing effective        gait phase estimations

•Obviates the need for extra help, enables the use of just one physical therapist to administer gait training

•Would be commercially useful for gait training at various rehabilitation hospitals and clinics


Intellectual Property status

Provisional Application PCT/US2014/048664


License status

Available for license


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