Virus detection has typically been done by conventional RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction). The conventional RT-PCR method has several disadvantages such as needing a longer analysis time, requiring a skilled labor force, and fluorescence dye for RT-PCR may have non-specific characteristics from time to time. The proposed approach can provide a single RNA molecule level of detection with a one hour analysis, a fully automated system, and multiple detections.
Technology Overview
The objective of the proposed approach is to detect the various viral-RNA molecules by rolling circle amplification coupled with multiplexed primer-conjugated beads in BioMEMS devices including a microfluidic-microdroplet and a lateral flow paper fluidic platform.
This novel RNA detection technology consists of:
- RCA: a virus RNA detection mechanism using a novel rolling circle amplification that can detect a low level of RNA by amplifying its signal
- Multi-detection: various conjugated-beads enabled to differentiate multiple target detections (Normal Flu vs. COVID-19)
- Multi-platform: applicable to various BioMEMS platform such as microfluidic devices and lateral flow paper testing tools
- Shorter analysis time required (1 hour)
- Fully automated system (no need for trained labor)
- Multiple detections, to differentiate the normal flu virus and COVID19
- Reduced consumption of analytical reagents including molecular detection probes, thus lowering the cost of application
- Single RNA molecule level of detection is expected since ScanDrop microdroplet platform has more than 10K throughput
- Lightweight, portable devices that can be adapted for the field applications
- Rapid and accurate diagnostic tool for COVID-19 and newly discovered viral strains
- The diagnostic analysis associated with novel RCA mechanisms can be also used in various other types of diagnostics including DNA/RNA fragments, proteins, exosomes, etc
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