Post Translational Modifications (PTM's) in proteins can have an unattractive effect on cells and cell health. Often identified as biomarkers and the outcome of mutations, these unwanted PTM's must be characterized in order to determine targets. The characterization can provide enough information for diagnostics, drug discovery and understanding disease mechanism.
Technology Overview
The proposed method, PTM-SCoPE, increases the sensitivity and throughput of PTM quantification by orders of magnitude over previous state of the art methods. 
PTM-SCoPE allows quantifying PTMs in single human cancer and stem cells, and thus the inference of signaling activities in single human cells from heterogenous mixtures. 
- Can be used in heterogenous mixtures
- Higher sensitivity by thousand fold
- Utilizes single cell analysis
- Disease diagnosis based on patient samples including biopsies
- Tool / method for research and development of new pharmaceuticals. 
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Drug Discovery
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