An array of detection techniques are used to measure sorbed substances on surfaces. 
Mass spectrometry is the preferred method since it can provide both qualitative and quantitative information. 
Technology Overview
In this proposed technique, heat, plasma, electrospray, or organic solvent can be used to recover a sorbed compound from a SAS for detection. 
When heat, plasma or electrospray is employed, sorbed compounds can be directly volatilized for entry into a mass spectrometer.
A target compound or type of compound is reacted covalently with a reactive reagent called a “mass-tag” to form a covalent mass tag compound product that is then detected. The main purpose of the mass tag is to increase the response of the target substance in the mass spectrometer. 
- Can be used for convenient and fast mass tagging
- Simplifies steps between mass tagging and mass spectrometry
- Same test can be used across various applications
- Testing for drugs of abuse
- Clinical and food diagnostics
- Environmental monitoring
- License
- Partnering
- Research Collaboration
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