The protected oligonucleotide monomer is compatible with many heavy-metal catalysts such as the 3rd Generation Grubbs’ catalyst. Unlike natural oligonucleotides, the phosphate backbones and exocyclic amine groups are fully protected in the monomer. The protected oligonucleotide monomer can be dissolved and modified in organic solvents. Whereas natural oligonucleotides are highly polarized and charged, which makes them insoluble in almost any solvent other than water. The protection is already adopted in traditional solid-phase oligonucleotide synthesis, and cleavage of the support and de protection is applied at the same time after the synthesis of oligonucleotides. In this method, it postpones the de protection to the last step and uses an alternative cleavage method to release the oligos from the solid support without affecting the protecting groups. This allows organics-soluble protected oligoneucleotides to be made.
Technology Overview
This invention uses a novel synthetic method to involve oligonucleotide in polymerization reactions. This enables the synthesis of new structures, such as brush DNA polymers, or makes it more facile to prepare existing known structures such as pacOligos. The method involves the use of protected oligonucleotide as the monomer for polymerization reactions, such as ring-opening metathesis polymerization. The protected oligonucleotides are hydrophobic and can dissolve in organic solvents, while the nucleophilic exocyclic amine groups are prevented from interacting with polymerization catalysts.
- No surfactant is used in this invention. Surfactants are hard to remove and increases the steric bulk of the oligo, making it harder to use longer oligos for polymerization
- Native phosphodiester oligos can be used in the polymerization
- A variety of molecularly pure multivalent DNA nanostructures can be achieved in one single reaction
- More rapid and overall better synthesis of pacOligos, which is intended for therapeutic applications
- Synthesis of polyvalent nucleic acid nanostructures
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