An ongoing challenge for the United States' national defense sector is the development of highsuperior structural and electromagnetic functionality for radome and other protective structures to defeat extreme electronic warfare (EW) threats and mitigate co-site interference. Additionally, effective protection against extreme environmental conditions is required to mitigate warfare damages. 
Technology Overview
The proposed invention consists of the design and processing of magneto-ceramics, and integration with frequency‑selective band-pass meta-surfaces (FSS). The inventors have employed a fundamental physics and materials science approach for optimizing the design and processing protocols for engineering the microstructure, morphology, composition, defect structures, grain-boundary engineering, crystallographic texture, and their impact upon microwave constitutive relationships.
These magneto-ceramic composites consist of hexaferrite and ferroelectric components and form multiferroic heterostructures. The composites are further functionalized by integration with frequency selective surfaces (FSS) that provide band-pass filtering tailored to particular antenna system needs such as operational bands, bandwidths, RLs and ILs. Structural, thermal and hydrophobic properties will be concomitantly engineered to mitigate extreme environmental challenges.
- Can provide impedance of free space 
- Can mitigate both extreme electronic warfare threats as well as challenging co-site interference situations 
- Can provide environmental protection as well as transparency to electromagnetic signals
- Mitigation of extreme electronic warfare threats and co-site interference
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