Emerging information-centric networking architectures are currently transforming the landscape of network research. In particular, Named Data Networking (NDN), or content-centric networking (CCN), is a proposed network architecture for the internet that replaces the traditional client-server model of communications, which is based on the identity of data or content. 
Assuming the prevalence of caches, the usual approaches to forwarding and caching is not effective for information-centric networking architectures such as NDN. Instead, these architectures seek to optimally utilize both bandwidth and storage for efficient content distribution. This highlights the need for the joint design of traffic engineering and caching strategies, in order to optimize network performance in view of both current traffic loads and future traffic demands.
Technology Overview
This technology introduces the VIP framework for the design of high performing NDN networks. The Virtual Interest Packet (VIP) framework relies on the VIP device which captures the measured demand for the respective data objects in the network. The central idea of the VIP framework is to employ a virtual control plane that operates on VIPs, and an actual plane that handles IPs and DPs. Researchers developed algorithms within the virtual plane to achieve network load balancing through dynamic forwarding and caching, thereby maximizing the user demand rate that the NDN network can satisfy. Numerical experiments within a number of network settings demonstrate the superior performance of the resulting algorithms for the actual plane in terms of user delay and the rate of cache hits.
- Algorithms have superior performance in terms of user delay and rate of cache hits relative to classical routing and caching strategies, including the shortest path combined with Least Recently Used caching and Least Frequently Used caching
- Achieves joint dynamic traffic engineering and caching in content distribution networks
- VIP framework presents a powerful paradigm for designing efficient content distribution networks with different properties and trade-offs
- CDNs
- Increased energy efficiency in data centers
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